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One Eternal Spirit: In Truth, Love, Light and Unity

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We are an online spiritual ministry and community.  Every Saturday at 7:00 pm we have an online divine service and demonstration of mediumship, a weekly development group, fortnightly online healing group and every four weeks a spiritual discussion group. During the year, we also offer events, training and workshops for those who are newly interested, and those wishing to develop on their spiritual pathway.

Our philosophy and beliefs are that all religions and faiths lead to the same place when they are walked in love, there is only One Eternal Spirit to which we all belong, and it is a personal choice, as to which path each person walks. We believe in promoting Spiritual Unity, Personal and Spiritual development and growth.

Regular Events

Healing Group June 14th

Healing Group June 14th

Join us online as we come together to send love and healing to those who need it. In a time when there is so much anger, fear, and hate in the world, it is crucial to raise the vibrational frequency of our planet through acts of love. By sending love, healing energy,...

Divine Service June 15th

Divine Service June 15th

Divine Service and Demonstration of Mediumship This Saturday, June 15th, we are pleased to welcome Edna and Martin Tuckwood as our quest mediums. The room opens at 6:30 p.m. for a prompt 7:00 p.m. start. Simply For Charity Admission to our divine service is free, but...

Perspectives June 21st

Perspectives June 21st

Are you curious about the mysteries of the universe? Do you find yourself asking questions about life, purpose, and existence that can't be answered by books or Google? Are you eager to explore spirituality and self-discovery in a safe, welcoming environment? If so,...

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